ADERCO Fuel Solutions – The leading company in Fuel Additives to a Greener Future for smooth and peace of mind engine operation.
Aderco developed and provide fuel-treatment products which offer immediate and simple solutions to complex fuel quality problems. A winning solution.
Through years of testing and evaluation, Aderco keeps improving the efficiency of their solutions, by constantly perfecting and monitoring procedures and logistics.
Over many years, Aderco has became a pioneer in the industry in relation to its strong technical expertise and Aderco Technical Team. Each case being widely different, Aderco Technical Team has forged an extensive knowledge and wide experience around the world. Furthermore, customers are not only supported when they face such issues but, in addition, Aderco offers preventative advice to avoid the challenges typically encountered with marine and industrial fuels.


FUELSTAT test kits offer the only effective “test at the tank” solution for detection of fuel contamination types such as Jet Fuel fungus and Diesel Bug, with result in 15 minutes.
FUELSTAT is an immunoassay antibody fuel test kit for microbe detection. It can be used wherever Fuel is manufactured, stored, sold or used. Unlike traditional tests, FUELSTAT only finds micro-organisms that do damage to fuel.
With FUELSTAT, tests take as little as 15 minutes, unlike current growth-based tests that need at least 72 hours. With easy-to-understand alert levels, you instantly know whether you need to take further action.
The process is self-contained, requiring no additional equipment—just a single FUELSTAT fuel testing kit for each test. It’s so easy to use, that a single individual can carry out the tests with only minimal training.


ACM Composite Bearings have been developing and manufacturing highly engineered synthetic composite materials for marine and industrial engineering markets worldwide for over 25 years.
ACM Composite Bearings has extensive experience supplying bearings for the marine industry in a wide range of applications both above and below the water line. These include rudder bearings and steering gear, water lubricated propeller shaft bearings, bearings for anchor handling systems, crane bearings, life boat systems, winches, stern roller bearings, offshore moorings and so on.


HACH-USA – Ballast water treatment validating instruments safeguarding trouble free operations.
Since our founding in 1933, Hach has led the industry in developing innovative solutions to help our customers analyze their water more efficiently and more effectively. Today, Hach products can be found around the globe in a wide range of lab, field, and in-process uses in municipal and industrial facilities. Hach analytics solutions are designed to give operators and managers confidence in the many decisions they make to ensure compliance, improve energy efficiency, and reduce waste in production, product quality, and utilities management. Be confident in your water analysis. Be right with expert answers, outstanding support, and reliable, easy-to-use solutions from Hach.


Stern tube seals for all systems, like SIMPLEX, KOBELCO, WARTSILA, JOHN CRANE, JMT, WAUKESHA, DOVER, IHC, NEPTUNE, and CHUETSU WAUKESHA from very reliable manufacturers in Europe. Stern tube shaft bearings repair and re-plating of white metal, with centrifugal casting.


Hull and ballast tank anodes, aluminum or zinc, of highest quality.

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