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Delta Echo Trading & Consulting Ltd

Delta Echo Trading & Consulting Ltd was established in 2014 by marine professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the industry and is currently based in Piraeus, Greece.

Delta Echo Trading & Consulting Ltd was founded in order to offer reliable services, mainly in the maritime and industrial sectors with a wide scope of experience and firm understanding of the subjects, by representing innovative, pioneering companies from all over the world and also by providing consulting services before after or independent of any sale. The services we can offer to our clients - a list that is ever expanding - include but are not limited to:

- ADERCO Fuel Solutions – The leading company in Fuel Additives to a Greener Future for smooth and peace of mind engine operation

- FUELSTAT – Bacteria and Microbial detecting test kit for fuels - ACM Composite Bearings Ltd.UK – Unsurpassed quality to competitive price for marine applicantions

- HACH-USA – Ballast water treatment validating instruments safeguarding trouble free operations

- Hull and ballast tank anodes, aluminum or zinc, of highest quality

- Stern tube seals for all systems, like SIMPLEX, KOBELCO, WARTSILA, JOHN CRANE, JMT, WAUKESHA, DOVER, IHC, NEPTUNE, and CHUETSU WAUKESHA from very reliable manufacturers in Europe.

- Stern tube shaft bearings repair and re-plating of white metal, with centrifugal casting

- Specialized cleaning chemicals for tank cleaning & cargo holds cleaning

Delta Echo Trading & Consulting Ltd takes pride in being able to provide assistance to its clients by, promptly and responsibly, answering a wide array of issues.

Delta Echo Trading & Consulting Ltd believes in treating its clients with the respect they deserve and rewarding their trust by providing the best services possible.

Our Philosophy


Delta Echo Trading & Consulting Ltd is devoted to the policy of enhancing long lasting cooperations by attaining the status of a Reliable Partner, offering exceptional Sales & After Sales Services.

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