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Time is of the essence

In little more than six months the IMO global sulphur cap swings into operation. Even now there is still a great deal of discussion about scrubbers, their effectiveness and the availability of the new fuels. With less than six months to go there is still uncertainty among some in the maritime community as to the preferred options in order to be compliant with the new cap.

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FOBAS Alert: High Catfines Fuels in Fujairah

In the last week FOBAS has tested a number of fuel samples bunkered in Fujairah which have tested Aluminum and Silicon (Al+Si/Cat fines) at levels above the 95% confidence limit of the ISO8217(2017) RME/RMG and RMK grades.

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USCG issues safety alert on fuel switching

Making the required switch from conventional to ultra low sulfur fuel oil before operating within Emission Control Areas is causing headaches. The Coast Guard says that recently, there have been several reported incidents...

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Our website is fact

The new, modern and our constantly updated site is fact. Stay tuned informed about the activities of our company.

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