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Paris MOU fires 2020 warning

 From January next year ships calling at European ports will be handed a letter of warning from port state control inspectors (PSC) encouraging owners to comply with the 2020 regulation limiting the sulphur content of fuel to 0.5%.

The move comes in response to suggestions that there may be widespread non-compliance in early days of the regulation and that port state control inspectors will be lenient on non-compliance.
Richard Schiferli, secretary general of the Paris MOU regional PSC authority, said the move was intended to send a signal to the shipping industry that PSC will take enforcement of the new sulphur limits seriously from "day one".
Between September and November 2018 both the Paris MOU and its Asian counterpart the Tokyo MOU will conduct a concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) on compliance with Marpol Annex VI the convention which controls air emissions on ships.
The Paris MOU has just completed a CIC on the safety of navigation and electronic chart display information systems (ECDIS) between September and November last year.
Schiferli said that the CIC indicated good overall implementation of the requirements on board the ships inspected. However there are some concerns over voyage planning he said.
Schiferli is stepping down as Paris MOU secretary general after 21 years at the organisation.