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Delta Echo

Fuel improvers for shipping and industry

The ADERCO 2055G Sludge Dispersant & Combustion Improver is a truly green solution to the problems associated with the fuel of our time, such as:

  • Fuel incopatibility, fuel stability, Commingling, fuel changeover
  • Agglomeration of asphaltenes and sludge precipitation
  • Water in suspension in the fuel
  • Filter clogging
  • Fouling of purifiers
  • High catfines concentration
  • Poor fuel atomization and ignition delays
  • Fouled combustion chambers including piston crown top and piston ring land
  • Fouled exhaust gas system including turbocharger and economizer
  • Vanadium corrosion
  • Abnormal concentration of particulate matter emissions (PM)


?he ADERCO L1050 is:

  • Risk free for the engine
  • Reduces likelihood of unexpected vessel stopage due to the Loss of Propulsion
  • Protects fuel pumps and injectors
  • Protection in the event of problematic fuel
  • Protects surfaces against corrosion
  • Avoid unnecessary stress and wastage